Things I Don’t See at Home: The Weiner X-ing

red penis lightPat and I got to Hamburg earlier today.  We found a good place to eat dinner on TripAdvisor – the Liman Fisch Restaurant. Since we were both exhausted, we were glad it was only a 1.5 mile walk from the hotel.  On our walk I was taking stock of many things:  One thing I love about traveling is the little things that are just a bit off.  Just a bit different.

I lived in Hamburg in 1984 when I was a youngster model.  It was nice to be back; walking around Lake Alster – remembering the beautiful city scape. One thing I don’t remember are the penis crossings. green walk man

One thing I do remember from my travels is that the crosswalk signs are often different.  For example, here in Germany and other parts of Europe, the “walk” guy is green instead of white.  That seems to make good sense as green does mean “go.” Anyway, these red penis crossing signs are all over town, just as the green walk man is all over town.  And, the red penis crossing sign does turn green!

Am I to understand that men are not allowed to cross at certain times but are allowed to cross at other times?  Red = stop and Green = go?  Men stay where you are and women come on and cross the street?  Men, you can cross when the red penis turns green?  OR – men, if you have a particularly inflamed penis, come on across?

Anyway – you can see how this created sheer bedlam for us on the way to Liman’s Fisch Restaurant.  Pat  kept getting stuck at the crosswalks! We finally made it to dinner and it was fabulous and fresh.  Afterwards, we took a stroll downtown and went window shopping.  Both Pat and I found perfect outfits for this Fall’s Oktoberfest party.  The only problem; six windows-full of dirndls for me to chose from – but only one window for Pat to choose from.  Hamburg was pretty lean on the lederhosen.  It was a rough day for Pat.lederhosendirndl